MadnessArena huisregels | Règles MadnessArena | MadnessArena Regulations

  • Shoes must be changed every time you enter and/or leave the hall. Because this is difficult for some people to understand: you have to bring clean shoes (that have not been worn outside) into the hall, where you take off the shoes you were wearing and put on these clean shoes before entering the artificial grass. When you go outside you have to change your shoes again! Even if it’s just to put the dog in the car or take it for a walk.
    Because this rule is difficult to understand, we are forced to charge a fine of 20€ per violation!
  • Keep to your booked hours, make sure you leave the hall in time!
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times! Droppings must be cleaned up IMMEDIATELY at all times, even outside the Madness Arena premises.
  • Avoid barking dogs in the cars and outside the hall! We like to keep our neighbors happy!
  • A new course is built every week, this parocurs must remain in place. If you move an obstacle it must be placed back afterwards. (expt. seminars)
  • While building and/or exploring the course, dogs are in the crate and/or lying down in a controllable area. The hall is not a loose yard during building/exploring. Unfortunately, we observe a lot of peeing that you probably didn’t see either because you didn’t have your dog in sight. We can no longer allow this to happen.
  • If your dog has an accident (please try to avoid this as much as possible by walking your dog before and possibly during the training) please clean it up IMMEDIATELY. There are wipes AND cleaning products to clean this up! Also here we are unfortunately forced to charge a fine of 20€ if it is not cleaned up.
  • If there is damage to a device or the like please come and report it! Failure to report damage will result in an invoice for the damage + a fine of 150€.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the building.
  • No dogs on tables, chairs and/or benches.
  • No poop bags in the bins inside the building.
  • All dogs must be vaccinated or titrated, inspection of the pet passport can be requested.
  • Bitches in heat may be trained, provided they wear heat pants.
  • Dogs are under no circumstances allowed to walk in the fields of the neighbors.
  • No violence (verbal or physical) will be tolerated. If we feel that someone is treating their dog, fellow students or instructor unfairly, we reserve the right to remove that person from our premises.
  • Defects and damage to the accommodation and/or inventory must be reported immediately to the owner (+32471646405). The costs of repairing deliberate damage to MadnessArena premises or materials will be charged to the adult user or the parents/guardians of the minor user after drawing up an official damage report.
  • Exits must be kept clear at all times. Emergency exits and/or fire extinguishers may only be used in an emergency.
  • The owner or manager is not liable for damages resulting from bodily injury and/or loss, theft or damage of your property, caused by third parties.
  • Payment must be made at the time of reservation. Reservations are not final until payment has been made. Reservations are not refundable, but may be transferred after notification to the administrator.
  • If you are not present on time, there is no recuperation possible.
  • By entering this accommodation you agree to abide by the house rules applicable here. In case of an offence the police will always be called in. If these house rules are not respected, we reserve the right to deny access to persons and/or animals, permanently or not, without repayment of any prepaid reservations.
  • In case of conflicts where these house rules do not provide, the owner / manager will decide.

PRICES 01/12/2022
Our electricity bill is also going up considerably….
We have been breaking our heads over how we are going to deal with this. The huge increase in energy prices unfortunately forces us to implement a price increase for the hall rental. From December 1, the standard rent will go to 40 euros/hour.
Further adjustments will be necessary to cover the costs. For example, the lights will automatically turn on and off at the reserved hour, be sure to keep this in mind and send a message in time if you want to reserve extra time.

These rules are simple and therefore not open to discussion. In case of repeated violation, access to the Madness Arena will be denied. We just want a fun place for EVERYONE to practice our hobby with respect for and with each other!